Diabetes La Fiesta "Taking Egypt to the world Guinness Records"

Published on Friday, 06 December 2013

Have you ever wondered if you're a Diabetic,

Do you need guidelines to maintain a healthy life style?

Are you Diabetic or/ Prediabetic?

We can still promote your healthy life style.


 Our event aims to put the spotlighton Diabetes asit is one of the main chronic and most common disease in Egypt; where about 7.2 million  patients have been diagnosed as diabeticsand about 4 million aren't even aware of such an incidence!

 Our mission is to raise awareness about diabetes,testfor diabetes and finally Promote the healthy lifestyle in order to prevent it.

But, we will also be checking up and following up with who will be joining us that day.

Our target is to create the largest Diabetes awareness campaign in the world;

 breaking the Guinness world records in DiabetesTesting.


Join us. take a part in increasing Diabetes awareness!

Promote your healthy living, and finally be the change!

Let's take Egypt to the world Guinness records!


our event will be at monday 6/12/2013 till tuesday 7/12/2013 from 9 am to12 am in the mall of arabia 6th of october, giza , egypt

 and we all hope that egypt and faculty of pharmacytanta university enter guiness world records